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Black Mold & Its Effects On Children & Pets

Black Mold & Its Effects On Children & Pets

In the past we have talk about the symptoms of black mold. But, over time, black mold can cause so many issues not just to you yourself but also your children and pets in the home. Not handling a mold issues on your property then becomes much more serious when you understand that there are other that can be affected. Children and pets are extremely susceptible health issues that can come from mold exposure, so doing your best to prevent, find and remove mold in your home is crucial.

Black Mold & Children: Children can be affected by mold by inhaling it, ingesting it or even absorbing it through their skin! This indoor mold exposure can lead to respiratory illnesses along with the development of asthma.

Symptoms of Black Mold With Children: Some of the early signs of black  mold exposure within kids are fairly similar to allergies. These include sneezing, runny noses, coughing and itchy eyes. Additionally children also can have skin & eye irritations.

Who Should I See Concerning My Mold Exposure: It’s recommended by the Center for Disease Control(CDC) that you first see your general health care doctor. From there if needed they will refer you to a specialist.

Black Mold & Pets: Pets that have been exposed to black mold for an extended period of time can see symptoms including breathing problems, pulmonary hemorrhage, bloody noses, runny noses & more! Make sure that if see any moldy area that you keep your pets away. If your pet does show any symptoms of mold exposure please bring them to a vet as soon as possible.

For more information about black mold or just mold removal in general please feel free to contact the specialists at Work Dog Property Solutions. We can be contacted at 1-855-665-3911 or through our online contact form.

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