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[vc_row][vc_column][cortana_testimonial_ctn layout_style=”style2″ number_item=”1″][cortana_testimonial_sc author=”Russell E.” author_info=”West Brookfield, MA”]This company was very efficient, and professional. They couldn’t do enough to help us. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Their pricing was EXCELLENT compared to other companies. “John” said he would help us in all areas, including financial, and HE DID !!!. Ed & Jean did the work,very efficient.[/cortana_testimonial_sc][/cortana_testimonial_ctn][cortana_testimonial_ctn layout_style=”style2″ number_item=”1″][cortana_testimonial_sc author=”Steve S.” author_info=”Pembroke, MA”]The test for mold was conducted with a filtered air sample and examined at a lab. Careful analysis took some time, but it was worth the results. There was no significant mold that required remediation. The professional was honest in not recommending unnecessary work. I am highly satisfied.[/cortana_testimonial_sc][/cortana_testimonial_ctn][cortana_testimonial_ctn layout_style=”style2″ number_item=”1″][cortana_testimonial_sc author=”Judy M.” author_info=”Marlborough, MA”]Pro was wonderful he put us at ease and said he didn’t believe it was going to be huge job. Very honest and kind. Yes I would hire again.[/cortana_testimonial_sc][/cortana_testimonial_ctn][/vc_column][/vc_row]