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Milton Emergency Mold Testing & Removal

Work Dog Property Solutions is happy to provide the community of Milton MA with their range of emergency services. We offer our mold testing & remediation services to both residents and businesses. Mold is a growing concern for so many people while so many other people don’t know its impact. Families, businesses and schools all experience outbreaks with some knowing that’s happening and others being unaware. Our certified specialists at Work Dog Property Solutions do everything needed in order to local and then remove all mold from a building.

Milton MA is a beautiful town located just outside Boston with around 27,000 residents. Being located only minutes away in Canton, working in Milton is a special thing for our specialists. Many people within our company even have close ties to this area.

Mold Testing & Remediation in Milton MA

Whether you know that mold is present in your home or not, our specialists suggest that you get an air quality and mold testing assessment. People often think that since they found a single outbreak of mold in their home that they have captured and stopped the problem. This mold in you home can come in so many different types and ways. Just because you cant see mold doesn’t mean that it’s not their. Our team comes in and:

  • Locates All Mold In Your Home
  • Identifies Which Type Of Mold
  • Tests The Air Quality
  • Determines What Course Of Action Needs To Be Taken

After finding this mold, if the air quality is safe, we can help you decide the best removal process.

Hiring a mold removal specialists is more times then not your best course of action. Getting rid of this mess and making sure that it doesn’t happen again is key for both your health, stress and pocket book. Our certified mold removal specialists follow only the best practices to make sure you’re protected. Some of our techniques and steps include:

  • HEPA Vacuuming And Encapsulation (Sealing)
  • EPA-Approved Anti-Microbial Products
  • Follow Guidelines Set Forth in the EPA’s Mold Removal for Schools and Commercial Buildings
  • IICRC Certified

For more information about our local Milton MA mold services, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-665-3911 or fill out our online contact form.

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