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Mold Removal & Testing In Brockton MA

Work Dog Property Solutions provides their mold testing and mold remediation services to the commercial and residential community of Brockton MA. Mold can become a serious problem for people and handing it correctly the first time you see it can be the difference between saving money, stopping the problem and ensuring a safe living situation. Because of this, contacting a professional to handle your mold is the smart move to make.

The town of Brockton is home to almost 100,000 residents. With such a large demographic and area, the homes vary, and more people then they know are currently having mold issues. This city is also home to the largest high school in the state and many more businesses both large and small. Handling your mold situation the right way can be a difficult situation for home owners. Do I try a home remedy? What happens if the problem gets worse? Is it affecting the air quality? What kind of mold is this? There are so many questions on top of this, but the only question you should have is, what mold remediation or testing company should I call?

Mold Testing & Removal in Brockton MA

Located up in Canton, MA Work Dog Property Solutions is a quick 20 minute drive to many properties in Brockton. It is our motto to do things the right way, so you don’t have to worry about your health or the mold scare again. The first step to know if you have mold is to test your home. Our technicians will go through your home to find where all and any mold may lay. If mold is in one spot, then theres a good chance its somewhere else too. After clearing the air quality and finding all mold, mold remediation follows.

IICRC-Certified-FirmBrockton Mold remediation specialists:

  • Only use EPA-approved anti-microbial products
  • Work with HEPA vacuuming & encapsulation(sealing) tactics
  • Are IICRC S520 Certified

It is our job to completely remediate the mold in your home. We don’t cover it or hide it. After working with Work Dog Property Solutions you know that you’re both safe in and in good hands moving forward.

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To learn about our company, pricing and how we do things more, we suggest you reach out. Stop by our headquarters, give us a call at 1-855-665-3911 or fill out an online contact form and we will get right back to you.

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