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Mold Removal & Testing in Framingham MA

Work Dog Property Solutions proudly services all of Massachusetts including Framingham MA with their mold removal, mold testing, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning & water damage restoration services. Just around 30 minutes from our office in Canton, our local and skilled technicians are growing in popularity. Framingham is a large town with a wide variety of residents. Our services are designed to keep you safe, clean, and improve the overall functionality of your home. With around 70,000 residents in Framingham and many more businesses, people are turning a blind eye on what really matters.

Mold Removal & Testing

The truth is that so many more people have a mold problem then what they actually think. Mold is a very serious problem because if left untreated it can grow quickly providing a poor smell, very unsightly appearance along with possible health implications.

Mold Testing is very important for a variety of reasons. When working with Work Dog Property Solutions, we look through your home to decide:

  • If you have mold
  • Where in the home mold is located
  • How much mold there is
  • What type of mold you have
  • If the mold is effecting the air quality(most important)

After determining all of these measures, proper mold removal can be taken. Our skilled mold removal team follow strict guidelines to ensure you as a customer receive the best results possible. There may be nothing more frustrating then hiring a company or doing your project on your own just to realize that it wasn’t completed properly. Our team uses:

  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Encapsulation (sealing)
  • EPA-approved anti-microbial products
  • Follow strict guidelines set forth byEPA’s Mold Removal for School & Commercial Buildings

As a business, it’s important that you do everything to ensure the success of a customer. Without that, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

For more information about any of our services, please feel free to give us a call. We can be contacted over the phone at 1-855-665-3911 or through our online contact form.

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