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Norwood Property Solutions Company

Local Property Solutions company provides the community of Norwood MA with their mold testing, mold removal, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and water damage restoration. Keeping you property up to date and clean is imperative with a wide range of cleanings. As a homeowner you can do your best to clean your house, dust, and keep everything in order. Sometimes as much as you try, other variables will cause problems. In situations like these you hiring a professional is imperative.

Norwood MA is located just out of Boston, with approximately 30,000 residents. Our headquarters is located just over the border in Canton so we have experience in Norwood and have had great experiences here.

Local Headquarters

Work Dog Property Solutions
35 North Street Canton, MA 02021
Phone: 1-855-665-3911

Mold Testing In Norwood

Mold testing is the first step in the mold removal process. As a property owner, its imperative that you know a lot of things. Out technicians will test and inform you of:

  • What type of mold is in your home
  • Quality of air & if its safe
  • Amount of mold in your home
  • Places in your home where mold is
  • What is causing the mold growth

All these things are important to know for the mold removal process and to ensure that your home is safe to live in.

Mold Removal in Norwood

IICRC-Certified-FirmAfter identifying the mold in your home, the mold removal process is an extremely important one. If you dont take the right steps next, the mold situation can become worse and cost you more money. Our certified technicians remove mold the right way. We don’t hide it or cover it, we completely remediate it for good! Our team:

  • Uses EPA-approved anti-microbial products
  • Uses HEPA vacuuming & encapsulation(sealing) tactics
  • Are IICRC S520 Certified

This process is extremely important so we suggest contacting us for more information. Pricing, the entire process and what you an expect are all things we are happy to discuss. We also would like to know your mold situation so please try to tell us everything you know!

For more information about any of Work Dog Property Solutions services, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-665-3911 or fill out an online contact form.

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